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Culture + Fitness + Passion = Nachdi Jawani

Nachdi Jawani group is portraying the essence of Punjabi dance, music, art, song, drama and poetry for individuals of all age groups and diverse ethnicities since 2000. It consists of young, energetic and enthusiastic members, which promote the Punjabi culture and fitness awareness not only within the community but also to take it to other communities as well. Everybody within this group has the passion and dedication which has made this team possible. NJ group introduced “Punjabi VACA” very first Bhangra, Gidha and Dhol acdademy in Ontario, which is succesfully running from 4 locations in GTA. This academy has taught over 7500 students with a current base of 1000 students of different age groups. In 2008, NJ and Punjabi VACA entered in Guinness World Record for the largest Bhangra dance performance in the world. Our vision is to keep the children and teenager youth involved in healthy physical activity and creative art work in a safe and friendly environment. The time Punjabi V.A.C.A invests in educating the young populations of Canada today ensures an artistic and culturally inclined population for the future.


Create an Academy with a warm supportive atmosphere, which is based on keeping traditional roots intact with modern culture.


Nachdi Jawani is committed in creating Bhangra awareness to strive to be the number one leading academy in Canada by encouraging the preservation of the Punjabi culture. Punjabi VACA aims to raise the level of cultural knowledge as well as building social skills, discipline, self motivation goals, and increase passion for professional Bhangra. We promise in maintaining and building of an equitable treatment, friendly work environment, that genuine respects diversity, approachable and always open to new ideas to support VACA.


Our goal is to introduce and incorporate a target market to focus in translating Bhangra into a physical training aspect that provides overall toning and body conditioning that is fun and enjoyable in a social environment to accomplish your goals with pleasure. Our aim is also to listen compassionately to our existing client’s by providing a forum through face-to face consultation, information sessions, on line, that will build self esteem, confidence, creativity, technique, good health and an appreciation for Bhangra of our Punjabi Culture.