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Largest Bhangra dance – 31 August 2008 – Brampton, Ontario, Canada

wrUnbothered by the hot and muggy afternoon weather 763 elaborately costumed dancers leaped across a grassy field and into the Guinness World Records family, by participating in the “largest Bhangra dance. In an event organized by South Asian non-profit groups Nachdi Jawani Association and Punjabi Virsa Arts and Cultural Academy (V.A.C.A), the dancers joined in an effort to preserve South Asian culture by spreading awareness of their native Indian state, Punjab. In addition to dance education, Punjabi V.A.C.A holds classes for Bhangra, Gidha, art, instruments and turban tying lessons to individuals of all ages. In sum, the organization aims to enrich young children and teenagers with healthy physical activity and creative art work, which is designed to reinforce “important values such as respect, team building skills, and tolerance.” Punjabi V.A.C.A. currently has 1000 students, and has taught over 5000 students in total since the organization began in 2001.