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Nachdi Jawani is a recreational and competitive dance studio. We are committed to excellence in the teaching, practice and performance of the South Asian Dances.

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New batches start every month. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from the World Bhangra and Gidha Champions

Bhangra Classes

Bhangra celebrates the harvest and is associated with the festival of Baisakhi when the sight of tall heaps of golden wheat fill the farmer’s heart with joy. The Bhangra dance is performed to Bhangra Music, which is based around the catchy sound of large drums called dhols.

Giddha Classes

Giddha is a popular folk dance of women in Punjab and exhibits teasing, fun and exuberance of Punjabi life. The dance is derived from the ancient ring dance and is just as energetic as Bhangra and at the same time it manages to creatively display feminine grace, elegance and elasticity.

Dhol Classes

The dhol (Punjabi: ਢੋਲ) is a drum (a percussion musical instrument) widely used in India, usually the Punjab region, the Indian/Pakistani province of Punjab and Gujarat. North India, it was incorporated into Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Somalian and other cultures from North India and abroad. Nowadays, it is very popular in modern Punjabi music played worlwide.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance consists of various Indian and Western dance forms primarily inspired from the Bollywood. It is a mixture of numerous styles, these styles include; belly-dancing, kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, and jazz. In this, we will look at Bollywood dance and place it within the commercial and artistic framework of the South Asian film world.


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Nachdi Jawani is committed in creating Bhangra awareness to strive to be the number one leading academy in Canada by encouraging the preservation of the Punjabi culture. Punjabi VACA aims to raise the level of cultural knowledge as well as building social skills, discipline, self motivation goals, and increase passion for professional Bhangra.



Bhangra Fever 8 - NJ Waris - 1st Place

Motor City Bhangra 2018 - NJ Folk Loverz - 2nd Place

Circle City Bhangra 2018 - NJ Joshiley - 1st Place

Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 - NJ Waris - 1st Place

Dhamak Bhangra - NJ Joshiley - 2nd Place

Motor City Bhangra Juniors 2018 - NJ Jhalak Punab Di - 2nd Place

Queen City Bhangra 2018 - NJ Mutiyaran - 1st Place

Boston Bhangra 2018 - NJ Folk Loverz - 1st Place




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