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Nachdi Jawani Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the youth and the community at large for cultural understanding. We take great pride in this and rely on the community to support us. The continuing success of Nachdi Jawani has been made possible by the philanthropy of our sponsors each year. We are extending an invitation to all organizations, corporations, and individuals who would like to become a part of this huge success.

Sponsors Benefits

We will increase the profile of your company, products, and services in several ways: TV, Radio, and Print media exposure; Internet and email promotion; through posters, articles, advertisements, banners, and the official website of our group -www.nachdijawani.com and your Business Cards displays at our studios throughout the year.

For over five years, We have received an unprecedented amount of media coverage, including full-page articles and color spreads in the Toronto star, Toronto Sun, Brampton guardian, Mississauga news, coverage by the Omni Channel, Rogers TV, Vision TV programs, and most South Asian media outlets in the GTA and worldwide. In appreciation of your support, and to ensure that we keep your executives and clients happy, we provide perks available only to our corporate sponsors. Our sponsorship package outlines our various sponsorship levels, as well as the benefits we are committed to provide to our sponsors.

Sponsorship Packages

We have developed a comprehensive package with sponsorship levels for businesses of all sizes. Please contact our Sponsorship team at 905-793-1000 (info@nachdijawani.com) to receive a sponsorship package tailor-made for your organization. Once you’ve reviewed the package, please contact us to begin our partnership.

Nachdi Jawani also has many exciting initiatives and events from which sponsors can benefit with our marketing. To learn more, please contact 905-793-1000

Our Proud Sponsors


Steeles / Torbram

4 Melanie Drive, Unit # 17

  • Phone: 905-793-1000 ext. 2
  • Email: steeles@nachdijawani.com
Gore / Ebenezer

4535 Ebenezer Road, Unit # 6 (The Gore Plaza)

  • Phone: 905-793-1000 ext. 3
  • Email: gore@nachdijawani.com
Finch / Highway 27

101 Westmore Drive, Unit # 11

  • Phone: 905-793-1000 ext. 4
  • Email: rexdale@nachdijawani.com
Bovaird / Highway 10

190 Bovaird Drive, Brampton

  • Phone: 905-793-1000 ext. 5
  • Email: bovaird@nachdijawani.com


Nachdi Jawani is committed in creating Bhangra awareness to strive to be the number one leading academy in Canada by encouraging the preservation of the Punjabi culture. Punjabi VACA aims to raise the level of cultural knowledge as well as building social skills, discipline, self motivation goals, and increase passion for professional Bhangra.



Bhangra Fever 8 - NJ Waris - 1st Place

Motor City Bhangra 2018 - NJ Folk Loverz - 2nd Place

Circle City Bhangra 2018 - NJ Joshiley - 1st Place

Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 - NJ Waris - 1st Place

Dhamak Bhangra - NJ Joshiley - 2nd Place

Motor City Bhangra Juniors 2018 - NJ Jhalak Punab Di - 2nd Place

Queen City Bhangra 2018 - NJ Mutiyaran - 1st Place

Boston Bhangra 2018 - NJ Folk Loverz - 1st Place




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